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Are We really Sharing our knowledge Or is it like Froth?

Are We really Sharing our knowledge..Or is it like a Froth?

One of the most impactful Quote, I came across is

We are Temporary custodian of our Knowledge & Wealth, If we do Not pass it on, Sooner or Later these are going to Die……Mr. N R N Murthy

Most of the time in place gaining knowledge, time is spent eliciting the information only, which is just like a froth of a coffee & not the real essence of it.

One of the incidents, I would like to share with you on this is…

During my visit to Chandigarh – Mid 2010, to attend Le Corbusier 125th Anniversary, held in Chandigarh College of Architecture. There were people from different parts of the world sharing their experiences on Urban Designs & township planning.

One of the speakers made a very practical Remark…that PEN is mightier than PENTIUM. – So very true.

In today’s world with a hectic scheduled work, many of the architects does not find the time or allowed to pick up a pencil to sketch their own ideas may be, it is due to the paucity of the time or because of the mushrooming effect.

This can also be due to a fact that an intellect is never paid a desirable amount for the possessed intellectual property he / she has. Generally speaking, consultants are not paid very well.

Any Nation in the World has risen, is only because of the adequate knowledge and the attitude of the citizens…

Since Knowledge is Limited & Imagination has No Boundaries…this has made Our Globe too small…

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