..light is the governor of the universe..

Light Needs space

As the ear has dual functions for audition and balance, Eyes have a dual role in detecting light for a wide range of behavioral and physiological functions apart from sight (source)

..whether effulgent or subtle..Light needs its own space to illuminate and create shadows …which is an essential part of our daily livings.

The biggest enemy and friend of light is the space around. It is up to us what we choose for our space, an enemy or a life hood friend?

By mentioning this, I need to draw your attention towards our rooms in the house and offices.

Narrowing on the word “space”, primarily it’s the ceiling itself which can make or break an environment with respect to light and thus affecting our moods, aesthetics or circadian rhythms.

It all started to crop up in my mind when I was with a pool of Architects and some customers, way back in the year 2006 and we discussed that how the paucity of time, overnight constructions of the buildings & accommodation of large group of employees on yesterday basis has to be dealt?

FALSE CEILING : The impacts of False ceilings reduced volumetric spaces, increasing suffocation and increase in number of lighting fixtures & air conditioners.

Thus, there was a major thrust on direct / indirect lighting which really improved the overall parameters of the environment w.r.t the productivity, liveliness and total cost of ownerships by reducing the quantum of the luminaires used as compared to the earlier conventional methods of down lighters or the recessed lighting

: Ignorance is our enemy:

The lighting industry on its innovative path was trying to define another horizon for the benefits of human being but THE ENEMY- FALSE CEILING continued to be the preferred one with more options like Metal, mesh, Gypsum, Armstrong and lately the Techzone ceiling.

No one from the lighting industry (as a vendor or manufacturer) has an audacity to question the specifiers or the customers that for what best reasons other than aesthetics and housing air conditioners and lighting fixtures (primarily), false ceiling is being used?

It is like a herd of sheep, who don’t even know, why they are following one another.

I started observing, discussing and speaking to the respective industry enthusiasts & to my surprise they were (and are) on the same page, that usage of FALSE CEILING can be reduced to 40%.

To suffice the lighting requirements there can be many innovative in the presence of true ceiling leading to a better performing illumination and work environment around us.

What message our lighting fixtures and source wants to convey for the betterment of humankind?

Before we discover this message, let us first understand that, why LIGHT NEEDS SPACE?

Light needs space to travel with a smoothest way in the room (especially bedrooms, offices, hospitals rooms & hotel rooms) to provide the solace to the entire atmosphere.

PS: Struggling to light up the spaces in line with Circadian stimulus, Melanopic factors & DLMO reduced volumetric area? Please contact

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