..light is the governor of the universe..

When the darkness is a state of illumination

The marathon of my journey in the field of lighting started in the year 2000.

The real understanding on the needs of light rather the subject LIGHT started from the year 2007. I started searching for the books, people and companies who would have made me aware of the word LIGHT.

Then suddenly one fine morning during the dawn (while I was on the window seat of the aircraft up in the sky), I observed the Sun (as if I have never seen a sun) and that jiffy was the beginning of self studies once again.

I finally could get some answers but still was not able to understand in a very explicit way, that how the phenomenon works as there were many preposterous but some relevant questions within myself.

{Started studying some subjects like physics, geothermal, material sciences and a bit of electrical sciences.}

Finally in the year 2012, I wandered thru some relevant answers and started working around it. In the year 2014 my search soared to the new horizons on LED and LIGHTING.

 By the time I was getting aware of LED and LIGHTING, in the year 2015,  I started studying some parameters of human body, plants and many human organs like Brain, parts like Eyes & skin.

By this time I was 100% convinced with the research works of Scientists, Neurologists, Physiologists, Skin specialists and Psychologists from USA, Japan, Germany, France and India that LIGHT is a medicine but also can be very detrimental. 

[Though, many in our lighting fraternity knows about this fact over the last 3 decades, but I couldn’t find a one who could clearly relate the results of bad or good lighting on living species, the way those scientists and the doctors were researching & explaining to the world.]

{I became self acclaimed Arjuna or Eklavya or a Asoka’ so that I can find Lord Krishna, Dronacharya and Chanakya and found them these Masters thru books, Blogs, videos, published articles and many other resources.}

It was the mid 2017, the year to boost up the learning curve. I was deeply engrossed on impact of lighting (natural & artificial) on human beings, plants and some other creatures. I also started studying the function of our eyes, mitochondria, CCO, Reactive Oxygen Species Suprachiasmatic Nucleus and many with respect to lighting. 

By the end of the year 2017,  I started getting the Goosebumps as more and more facts were getting unfold. Then fortunately thru the social media I met my dear friend, . Dr. Vivek Sharma. 

He read many of my articles on lighting and was quite inquisitive to know more about them.

When I revealed my story and journey of 18 years with the lighting industry and on top of that my passion for contributing to humankind thru a proper use, education and awareness, he was equally enthusiastic to get along with me to the JOURNEY of HUMANKIND & tPBM

With his super rich experience in PBM, Physiology, Naturopathy, Ayurveda and many other medical field our association took a big leap.

We started spending time in R&D, studies, sharing information and so on. Then was the turn of Tashi Agarwal (one of the wise and enlightened personality to our association) Tashi is known to me since year 2007 and we have been working along since then.

We started working towards eliciting the best properties of LED light.

We found out many ways and techniques of Light therapy for many Neuro degenerative disorders, skin care & muscular atrophy (which were already persisting in USA and Japan).

Wading with all the zest in the field of office lighting, so that the inhabitants must not be subjected to those neuro disorders, sleep deprivation obesity, migraine as they were exposed to cheap / moderate LED lighting for a longer time span (average: 8-9 hours).

Believe me we can witness the plummet on increased neuro disorders, AMD, SOD and other illnesses like obesity, migraine retinal issues and so on with an appropriate combination of different sources of artificial light (Incandescent, Halogen, Fluorescents, Metal Halides and LEDs) ravage 

Looking for a light (tPBM) therapy for any neuro and muscle disorders? Please contact

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