..light is the governor of the universe..

A correlation: light & plants

Plants can survive without us , but, we cannot survive without them.

Light influences the plant processes

The receptors playing the essential role during these processes are

  1. Cryptochromes: Flavoprotiens found in plants & animals.
  2. Phytochrome: Photoreceptors which detects the light
  3. Phototropins: Photoreceptor proteins which are found throughout in the leaves of the plant. Also important for opening stomata & movement of chloroplasts.

Along with PAR, the major factors responsible for an appropriate lighting system are :

1. The flux

2. The duration for which the heat stays

3. The amount of heat produced

4. The spectrum

5. The beam angle

Plants & the light spectrum

  • UV : 
  • Blue: 
  • Green: 
  • RED: 
  • High Red:

The combination of an appropriate nm of blue, green & orange wavelength in the spectrum of 4000K CCT is what artificial light can be a germane solution for general landscape lighting.

The role of day length or photoperiod in control of vegetative growth and reproductive activities may be less appreciated. The relatively high light intensity of 1000 microeinsteins per square meter per second (µE/m2 /sec) is adequate for photosynthesis in most trees (200 µE/m2 /sec for shade adapted trees), but photoperiod responses may be induced with as little as 0.06 to 3 µE/m2 /sec, only a fraction of that needed for photosynthesis

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