..light is the governor of the universe..


Combining education & experience to deliver the results by empowering the learning skill in the field of lighting & lighting applications.

The Certificate Course shall be the booster for your respective businesses and careers. It is designed on the parameters of the applied knowledge from the application point of views to understand the fundamentals of light, light sources and lighting applications.

Physiological factors, psychological factors, economy, sustainability, empathy & comfort are the core hinging points in the respective offered courses.

Choose from one or more of the educational modules below and register online.

Ongoing Sessions: (April 2020)

  1. Brainwave Designs
  2. Hi-Fi Solutions
  3. Spectra Lighting

Upcoming Sessions: (May 2020)

  1. Flos India
  2. LightMatters
  3. Sirgo-Abaj

Upcoming June

1. SKM, Canada

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